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Psalm 83:1 Periods of Silence

Psalm 83:1 (NKJV )
Do not keep silent, O God! Do not hold Your peace, and do not be still, O God!

Last week we explored the relationship between intercessory prayer and listening prayer. This week we are going to explore, why God gives us periods of silence and what we can do with those periods.

Consider the following: 
Our scripture lesson illustrates that no one is exempt from periods of silence with God. The psalmist here begs of God to appear on behalf of his injured threatened people and not be silent or still. However, for a period of time, God was silent. One may be wondering, why does God engage in periods of silence especially during times of suffering? I offer you this, maybe it is because of his own infinite wisdom. Perhaps if God spoke to us all the time, our faith would not engage in spiritual exercises thus becoming weak. The author, Japenga of our resource book, said he would become “complacent” if he was able to constantly communicate with God. Knowing those periods of silence with God is inevitable and is a part of our spiritual journey, it can be utterly frustrating especially in the midst of a storm. Thus, our job is to keep our faith and spend more time with God. In our book, Japenga notes three reasons silence occurs. First, lack of serious and uninterrupted time with God, second circumstances the individual does not like or understand, and third a lack of faith. However, he goes on to say, many people have given accounts where those things were not lacking and there was an extended period of silence but noted that is when the deep work of the Lord occurred. Today, I encourage you to hit your spiritual gym by exercising your spiritual muscle known as faith. If you are seeking God for something and He has not answered, extend your quiet time. I challenge everyone over the next seven days to identify one day in which you can sit in the presence of the Lord in silence, and then actually sit still in silence for one hour. After you sit for that hour, write about your experience, what you heard or did not hear. In the midst of sitting still in the presence of God for one hour, I encourage you to start to be at peace with your circumstances. Becoming at peace will shift your attention away from your circumstances to your relationship with God, and God’s silent periods will become shorter in duration. 

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