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Experiencing God - Reality #3: God Invites You to Become Involved with Him in His Work

Philippians 2:13
For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to will and to act for His good purpose

God, the infinitely wise Lord of all creation, already has a purpose and a plan. He does not ask us to dream our dreams for Him or to try our best or our hardest for Him. God already has His own agenda. The almighty Lord of lords and King of kings chooses to personally interact with you to participate in His work.

When God is working, He may reveal His activity to you. That revelation is His invitation for you to join Him in His redemptive work. Be alert to God’s activity around you. The world operates by vision. However, God’s people live by revelation. The world seeks grand, noble purposes and goals to achieve. God’s people function in a radically different way. Christians arrange their lives based on the revelation of God, regardless of whether it makes sense to them.

God’s desire is to get you from where you are to where He is working; and, He leads us from being self- centered to being God-centered. A self-centered person tends to confuse his or her personal agenda with God’s will. God does not ask for our opinions about what is best for our future, our family, our church, or our country. God already knows.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8

Moreover, circumstances alone cannot be a clear direction for God’s leadership. Asking God to close a door if we are not headed in the right direction is an admirable way of seeking what God desires. However, the danger in this thinking lies in assuming that God’s will is always the path of least resistance. To the Israelites, the Red Sea certainly appeared to be a “closed door;” however, because they stayed the course, it proved to be an opportunity to witness the power of God. Seek the Lord’s guidance to be confirmed through Prayer, Scripture and life’s circumstances.

When people choose not to base their lives on God’s revelation, they do what’s right in their own eyes. They set their own goals, arrange their own agendas, and then pray for God’s blessings to achieve them. The only way to know God’s will is for Him to reveal it to you. You will never discover God’s will on your own. If you keep your life God-centered, you will immediately want to participate in His activity when He reveals His plans to you. When you hear from the Lord, you have an immediate agenda for your life: obedience.

Often our struggle as Christians is not deciding whether we should obey the Lord but in whether we will obey immediately. God’s timing is perfect. When God speaks, the time to respond in obedience is now. There’s no such thing as postponing a decision with God. Delayed obedience is disobedience. If God has made something known to you, it’s time to respond.

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