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Matthew 26:44 Be Prayerful

Matthew 26:36-46 (NKJV) - focus on 44
44 So He left them, went away again, and prayed the third time, saying the same words.

Last week we discussed the importance of being watchful. Today, our scripture reminds us that fervent prayer works!

The second tool to staying woke is to be prayerful or aware! This is the most critical tool because your awareness enables you to know what to pray for! How do you expect to stay vigilant if you are using every other strategy to deal with the ills of society besides pray? Your pray life must be constant and intentional. When we look at the text, we note that Christ went to pray alone, although he had lately prayed with his disciples. This demonstrates that you may pray with your friends, family, and pray partner but you too must have a secret devotion time with our Lord and Savior! Personal prayer time develops your ability to war in the spirit, and warring in the spirit takes fervent private prayer. In addition, Christ also teaches us in our scripture lesson that it is not unspiritual to make the same request to God several times. In versus 44, it reads, “So he (Jesus) left them (disciples) and went away once more and prayed the third time, saying the same thing. Repeated prayer does not always mean that you do not have a steadfast faith, it means that you are petitioning because the spiritual war that you are fighting is so heavy! Those who are the most aware know what to be prayerful about! They are the most prepared because they have conversed with the Holy Spirit and our heavenly father! It is good to be watchful and know what is going on around you but are you praying about it? Are you praying for our world leaders? Are you praying for your neighbors? Are you praying for the CEOs of the fortune 500 companies as well as the cartel? Are you praying for the homeless, the locked down, and the locked up? Are you praying for the children and teenagers that are kidnapped and sold into modern day slavery known as human trafficking? Are you praying for the strippers, dope dealers, and gang affiliates? Are you praying for the man that is beating on his partner or woman beating on her partner? Are you praying for the children that sleep in a one bedroom who are only able to take a shower maybe once a week and barely eat? Are you praying for our celebrities who don’t want the responsibility of youth idolizing them, yet they are? You may be watchful but are you prayerful? Being watchful and prayerful allows you to be woke which is necessary because Satan is creeping and he is going to find you and better not catch you sleeping! So stay woke!

Over these next few weeks, I will continue to go into each one of these tools. Today, I encourage you to be prayerful and aware, and most importantly not give up because your prayers have not been answered yet. Stay steadfast!