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My Name is NOT, A Prayer to Break Generational Bondages - for Marriages

Hosea 1:2-3 (NLV) - Please Read Chapters 1 -3
When the Lord first spoke through Hosea, the Lord said to him, “Go and marry a wife who is not faithful in marriage and have children from that woman. For the land is guilty of not being faithful to the Lord.” 3 So he married Gomer the daughter of Diblaim and she gave birth to his son.

Today we are closing out this series with a special prayer for marriages and coveted relationships. It is through marriages that new generations are born, it is through marriages that new bondages may be developed. Today, we want to focus on the importance of listening to and obeying God as well the importance of communicating with your spouse or soon to be spouse to break strongholds and pass down blessings instead of curses. 

My Name Is NOT, A Prayer to Break Generational Bondage
By: Dr. Gimel

Lord today I break and dismantle every generational curse in my family and myself, I bind up every demonic spirit and force that has been passed down from generation to generation from my parents to my grandparents, my great-grandparents, my great great grandparents, and the forefathers and mothers which came before them. Lord today for any sacrifices that they made that were not of Christ for any words that they spoke that we’re not of Christ I break it today and I bind it up in the name of Jesus, I cover it and seal it with the blood of Jesus so it does not touch anyone, and send it back to the pit of hell from which it came. Today Lord, my soul wounds are healed and unhealthy and ungodly soul ties are forever severed. Thank you, Lord, for revealing and continuing to reveal specifically the spiritual bondage that has been passed down from generation to generation that I could not see or name in which I, a representative of my family__(insert your family’s name and your spouse or significant other's name)__, and myself have been freed from. I thank you that no retaliation will befall my family, friends, or myself as I stand in the gap to set the captives free. I drench my family, friends, and myself with the blood of Jesus. I am not afraid because the Holy Spirit which you sent is our comforter and will protect me from the enemy. All I need to do is believe. Today and this day forward, I believe! Amen.

Reflection: What positive steps can you and your spouse or significant other take to keep certain sins or generational bondages from repeating themselves in your lives?

***For blended families, be sure to also pray for all children and parents involved***

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