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5 Simple Steps to Becoming More Confident

Below are 5 steps to becoming a more confident you:

  1. Walk with great posture. Walking with your head up and shoulders back not only exudes confidence but it also shows that you are walking with a purpose.
  2. Eye contact is essential! Make solid eye contact while holding conversations. This shows that you are listening and have interest in the conversation.
  3. Smile. Smiling at yourself in the mirror on a daily basis will make you feel good about yourself and smiling at others will show your confidence. 
  4. Be you. Being true to yourself and not fake or phony will take you very far in life. More importantly, it will enhance your confidence because you are living your own life in your own skin!
  5. Speak with conviction. This is speaking firmly, not too loud, nor too soft but with the right pitch and tone. This will capture the attention of your audience, thus making them believers of your message.