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The Journey of 1 Temple Fitness

In the beginning of June 2015, after a conversation with many about fitness and thoughtful reflection, I was inspired to hold a free 6 week mind, body, and spirit fitness camp.

I branded "1 Temple Fitness" under F.I.R.E. because we only get one body and we need to ensure that we are exercising our temples daily through the:
1. Mind ~ working out with others provides stimulating conversations, and spiritual and physical exercises alters the way we think;
2. Body ~ the physical exercise usually lends to healthy eating;
3. Spirit ~ the spiritual reflection which will occur during the warm-up enables growth.

During the 6 weeks, a partnership was formed with @fitgirllife_23, who hosted meet up groups to discuss healthy living. In October 2105, we hosted our first group workout. As our journey continues with all of you, we hope that you too will continue to transform your mind, body, and spirit!

Upcoming in November 2015, we are doing a 21 Day 1 Temple Fitness Cleanse. If you are interested in participating in this free mind, body, and spirit cleanse, contact me for details!

In love and service,

Ms. Gimel, F.I.R.E. founder