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Your Personal Journey to Building the Ultimate Connection with Christ - Pt 2

This Lenten season join One Temple Fitness every Wednesday for weekly prayer calls and devotionals! We will be exploring ways in which you can build your personal ultimate connection with Christ!

Starting: Wednesday, February 10 to March 23 at 6:00a.m. - 6:10a.m. PST (8:00am CST, 9:00amEST)

Prayer Call Number:  1-408-638-0968         Meeting ID: 618 314 500   

Follow   @_F1R3   on IG and Twitter for daily inspirational and motivational quotes and   @onetemplefitness.fire   on IG for tips on maintaining the whole temple!

Follow @_F1R3 on IG and Twitter for daily inspirational and motivational quotes and @onetemplefitness.fire on IG for tips on maintaining the whole temple!

The Journey of 1 Temple Fitness

In the beginning of June 2015, after a conversation with many about fitness and thoughtful reflection, I was inspired to hold a free 6 week mind, body, and spirit fitness camp.

I branded "1 Temple Fitness" under F.I.R.E. because we only get one body and we need to ensure that we are exercising our temples daily through the:
1. Mind ~ working out with others provides stimulating conversations, and spiritual and physical exercises alters the way we think;
2. Body ~ the physical exercise usually lends to healthy eating;
3. Spirit ~ the spiritual reflection which will occur during the warm-up enables growth.

During the 6 weeks, a partnership was formed with @fitgirllife_23, who hosted meet up groups to discuss healthy living. In October 2105, we hosted our first group workout. As our journey continues with all of you, we hope that you too will continue to transform your mind, body, and spirit!

Upcoming in November 2015, we are doing a 21 Day 1 Temple Fitness Cleanse. If you are interested in participating in this free mind, body, and spirit cleanse, contact me for details!

In love and service,

Ms. Gimel, F.I.R.E. founder

Achieving Work-Life Balance By Incorporating Self-Care Practices

At the annual Association of Black Women in Higher Education (ABHWE) writing retreat, I gave a presentation on Achieving Work-Life Balance By Incorporating Self-Care Practices. At the end of my workshops, I usually sum up the presentation through a mantra. Below is the mantra from this workshop and I hope you find it insightful and inspiring.


Today I choose to say, I am a woman who understands the importance of work-life balance, by recognizing and fulfilling MY identified priorities! I am unapologetically on the road to achieve this balance through self-care practices by:
Life by
Cherishing my
Authenticity by
Embracing ME!
I know this road will not occur over night but since I am reminded that life is short and some aspects of life are not rubber, I am committed to achieving a work-life balance by incorporating self-care!

- By Gimel Rogers, M.A. (Not authorized for use, unless permission from author.)

Happiness An Inside Job

Sometimes in life we harbor negative emotions, we magnify the little things, and simply get in our own way of being happy. This post is dedicated to individuals who need to get out of their own way from truly being happy which ultimately equates to embodying peace. 

This article lists 20 things a person needs to let go in order to truly be happy (click on Source below to read the article)

  1. The Approval of Others
  2. Anger/Resentment
  3. Negative Body Image
  4. Idea Of A Perfect Partner
  5. Perfect Life
  6. You're Going To Be Rich
  7. The Idea That Good Fortune Will Arrive At Your Doorstep
  8. Excuses
  9. Thoughts Of Your Ex
  10. Stubbornness
  11. Procrastination
  12. Your Baggage
  13. Negativity
  14. Judgmental Thoughts
  15. Jealously
  16. Insecurity
  17. Depending On Others For Happiness
  18. The Past
  19. The Need For Control
  20. Expectations

Yik Yak, This and That: Social Media & You

As we all know, social networking and social media applications are here to stay. However, the question at hand is what purpose is it serving in and for your life? Some individuals use these sites/applications to either further their career or connect with friends and family. Others use social mediums to emotionally and psychologically bully others. 

On March 10, 2014, CNN posted an article about a new application, Yik Yak. This application creates anonymous chatrooms, where hundreds of users may connect based on their GPS location. Although this application was designed for college students to use as a virtual bulletin board, it has now become a vehicle for cyber bullying for high school students (for more information please click on Source below). 

Yik Yak is not the first application that was created for a positive purpose but turned into a negative means, and it certainly will not be the last! This post is a call to action to end all cyber bullying. Recently, we have seen cyber bullying spiral out of control with all age groups. Cyber bullying not only affects a person's self-esteem, but it can also lead to suicide and depression.

As an individual who wants to be a F.I.R.E. the below steps are key:

  1. Take personal responsibility for your actions
  2. Do not bring others down to build yourself up
  3. Take leadership roles and speak out against bullying and cyber bullying
  4. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself or someone else - Think before you speak, tweet, post, download or press send

If you or someone you may know are bullying or being bullied, please contact me for resources to help end this vicious cycle. 

Stop The Selfies: A Guide to Finding Self-Love in a Self-Centered World

Stop The Selfies: A Guide to Finding Self-Love in a Self-Centered World is A. Jaded Millennial's  first published book, and I must say she has surely made an impactful statement early in her career! This terse yet thought-provoking book is truly for anyone that utilizes a social networking site and most importantly individuals who take Selfies! It is nothing short of provocative because it will deliberately evoke every strong emotion inside oneself, if they engage in the guilty pleasure of taking Selfies. I strongly encourage everyone to check out A. Jaded Millennial's first book and recommend it to their family, friends and social media aficionados! 

How to Forgive Yourself

Often times in life we ask others to forgive us for things we have done wrong; however, we miss a very important step, forgiveness of self. This step is vital because if you never forgive yourself then you will never truly be free. Below are 5 steps to being on the path of forgiving yourself and to read further click on Source below.

  1. Accept yourself and your flaws.
  2. Remember that you are not a bad person.
  3. Talk to someone (another perspective, social support, therapy).
  4. Talk to your internal voice.
  5. Do the best-friend test.

Social Media & Your Future

Yesterday, Saturday, January 11, 2014, I presented on Social Networking as a part of my "Etiquette 101" workshop. During the workshop, I informed the young ladies how social media can be a pathway to success as well as a gatekeeper, depending on how they represent themselves. Click on the source below to read How Social Media Privacy Settings Could Affect Your Future. And always remember, privacy settings is the second step, choosing not to post inappropriate comments and pictures is the first step.