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Building A Healthier Community

One Temple Fitness was invited to participate in "Lets Get Healthy Together" a fundraiser for a local youth camp called "Create in the Lab". All the proceeds went towards sponsoring a camper this summer and what better way to get excited than an outdoor group workout. The workout was geared towards all levels and it was an amazing site to see both parents and children putting in work. After the workout, some highlights were when a participant said "it was a really good workout" and "why am I still sore". Thank you Create in the Lab for inviting us to participate in such a positive and fun event. 


One Temple Fitness by F.I.R.E. September's Temple Talk & Group Workout

If you missed One Temple Fitness's Temple Talk and Group Workout watch the videos below. This month's topic focused on the impact food has on your mood, importance of meal prepping, and featured a quick snack recipe. Our featured recipe for this month is, Protein Balls

September Temple Talk: Receipes for Success

Join us this Friday, September 16 for our monthly Temple Talk: Recipes for Success. One Temple Fitness is all about assisting you to becoming healthier and being the best you that God has destined you to be! This year all of our Temple Talks will be held online, so zoom into us!

Join the community. Join the movement.

Join us for the September Temple Talk and Group Workout

We are kicking off our monthly Temple Talks and Group Workouts, starting this month! Join us on September 16th online and September 17th at Walker Temple AME Church for the group workout.

                                                   Join the Community. Join the Movement.

                                                  Join the Community. Join the Movement.

Monthly Temple Talks and Group Workouts are back in September until May!

One Temple Fitness Monthly Temple Talks and free Group workouts are resuming in September until May! Be on the lookout for the dates and times and we hope that you are able to join in on the movement! Get mentally, spiritually, and physically fit with #OneTempleFitness

Join the Community, Join the Movement

End of Summer Fitness Camp

Come join our fitness movement by participating in our End of Summer Fitness Camp! Includes group workouts and opportunities for 1:1 coaching, meal prepping, and much more! Bring a friend and get ready to sweat! Contact us for more details at onetemplefitness.fire@gmail.com   ~It's all about healthy living!~

Stimulating the Mind, Strengthening the Body, Stretching the Spirit

Kickoff Your Health with One Temple Fitness

Come build your temple and kick off your summer right with One Temple Fitness. Join us for six weeks Monday through Thursday from 6:30p.m. to 7:30p.m. for group workouts to strengthen your body! Also, you'll receive a fitness starter kit and 1:1 fitness coaching that will stimulate the mind and stretch the spirit! Transform your whole Temple for only $10 a week! If you can't meet us in person, no worries, join us online and exercise from your home!

Join the community, join the movement!

One Temple Fitness Group Workout Videos

Check out beginner to intermediate One Temple Fitness Group workout videos.              

35 Minute Cardio Video and 40 Minute O.T.F. Full Body Group Workout.  Subscribe and like our YouTube channel for more details and videos


The 40 Minute video is from April's Group workout and the 35 Minute video is from March's Group workout.

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Stimulating the Mind, Strengthening the Body, Stretching the Spirit

One Temple Fitness Week in Review

Thank you to everyone who have supported us over the many events we have had this week!

Thursday: Erin, Co-founder of One Temple Fitness, tabling at the Women in Leadership Conference.


Friday: Co-founders of One Temple Fitness discuss strength in numbers and the importance of maintaining the temple.


Saturday: Gimel, co-founder of One Temple Fitness, sharing an effective exercise to work the core (stabilizing), side obliques, glutes, and quads. Watch the full video below and if you're a beginner complete 5 on each leg everyday, holding onto a wall or chair if you need to, and assess how strong you become over time: by increasing the reps and not holding onto anything.

Thanks to everyone for their support!

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For daily inspiration follow on Twitter and Instagram @_F1R3 and for exercise challenges follow @fitgirllife_23 on Instagram

One Temple Fitness will be on Generation U Radio - Friday, March 18, 6pm PST

This Friday, March 18, 2016 from 6:00-7:00p.m. One Temple Fitness Co-Founders will be on Generation U Radio. The mission of "Generation U Radio is a mixed format variety radio/television show with roots in urban comedy and Hip Hop/R&B.  Our Show is a Platform for Up and Coming Talent as well as Established Entertainers to showcase their Work.  For our Listeners we strive to Entertain through Comedy, Music and Spoken word while delivering thought-provoking content regarding issues that effects us all."

We are asking that you all mark your calendars, tune in live, and call into the show!

Check out Generation U Radio through the below mediums!!
Website: GenerationURadio.com
Live Stream: RMConAir.com (Fridays from 6pm-7pm pst.)
YouTube: YouTube.com/GenURadio
Facebook: Generation U Radio Show
Instagram:  @GenURadio
Twitter:  @GenURadio

Faith and Fitness - One Temple Fitness Meet-up Video 2/5/16

If you missed this month's meet-up no worries! Watch the video below and don't forget to go to our website to download the worksheet to maximize your experience!

We hope that you are able to join us for our next meet-up, Friday, March 4, 2016 from 7:00p.m.- 9:00p.m. in person at 2525 Trinity Street Los Angeles, CA 90011 or virtually! Contact us at 7.f.i.r.e.8@gmail.com to get the access code!