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Achieving Work-Life Balance By Incorporating Self-Care Practices

At the annual Association of Black Women in Higher Education (ABHWE) writing retreat, I gave a presentation on Achieving Work-Life Balance By Incorporating Self-Care Practices. At the end of my workshops, I usually sum up the presentation through a mantra. Below is the mantra from this workshop and I hope you find it insightful and inspiring.


Today I choose to say, I am a woman who understands the importance of work-life balance, by recognizing and fulfilling MY identified priorities! I am unapologetically on the road to achieve this balance through self-care practices by:
Life by
Cherishing my
Authenticity by
Embracing ME!
I know this road will not occur over night but since I am reminded that life is short and some aspects of life are not rubber, I am committed to achieving a work-life balance by incorporating self-care!

- By Gimel Rogers, M.A. (Not authorized for use, unless permission from author.)