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Power From The Bottom

Power From the Bottom - 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Many people have talked about what a horrible year 2017 was, but guess what? There is power from the bottom! Check out this sermon and see how Lecrae and Paul were saying the same thing!

Be blessed and make your power moves!

Hard Endings BUT Greater Beginnings!

Hard Endings BUT Greater Beginnings - Exodus 23:20-24

Your emancipation proclamation is here! Hard Endings BUT Greater Beginnings!

Someone is asking the question, why a greater beginning and not just a new beginning?  I’m so glad you inquired! You may leave one hardship and go to another, that’s simply a new beginning. BUT God is calling you to not just start over in the same place, but to have a greater beginning.  God wants more for you! Too many of us have a new beginning but it looks and feels so much like the old!

God has exiled you, so get your greater!

Resurrection Sunday 2017 Spoken Word - "Never Forsaken"

Sometimes in life, we feel that God has forsaken us. However, I offer you today to reflect on how Christ laid down His life just for you. How he laid there all night Friday, all day Saturday, and then early on Sunday morning he got up for you and all of your sin. As you listen to this poem, I encourage you to let the words percolate through your whole being, so you may be liberated from the "My God, my God why have you forsaken me" attitude.

God has laid it on my heart to continue the prayer call every Wednesday. We encourage you to join us from 6:00am - 6:15am PST. You may call in at 408-638-0968 meeting id: 680-646-110.

April's Temple Talk and Group Workout

If you missed this month's Temple Talk on Sustaining Your Spiritual Growth, we invite you to download the worksheet and watch the video! Also, check out our beginner workout video. This month we take it slow and walk you step by step through each exercise. We encourage you to give it a try and contact us if you have any questions at onetemplefitness.fire@gmail.com

The Wait is Over: Pre-Order Your 21-Day Relationship Healing Devotional & Journal

Dr. Gimel Rogers, who earned her doctorate degree in clinical psychology and is a licensed minister is releasing her first title! The 21-Day Relationship Healing Devotional and Journal is a poetry-based book that promotes restoration through reflection. It's Maya Angelou meets Joyce Myers with the spice of Dr. Gimel.

Whether single and waiting on your king, recently single and need a healing, being courted by your king, or married to your king it is always important that we are reflective on past relationships to ensure we left the baggage when we got off "that train." Being whole and healed allows you to be fully the woman that God has called you to be. I am so excited for your journey and always remember that you are a warrior woman and you are a queen!

Start your healing journey now and pre-order your 21-Day Relationship Healing Devotional and Journal today! Your book will be signed by Dr. Gimel and come with an exclusive turquoise "Live Within Me" t-shirt. Orders must be placed by May 1st. If you order by April 17th you get your restoration through reflection journal and exclusive turquoise shirt for only $30 which includes shipping and handling!

Do the colors have a meaning?

Some people have wondered why orange is F.I.R.E.'s main color. Orange offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief. It is optimistic, uplifting and rejuvenating to our spirit by restoring balance. It frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves while encouraging self-respect and respect of others. Most importantly it is the FIRE of God, deliverance, and passionate praise.

              Turquoise represents healing

             Turquoise represents healing

Below is an exert from the book

Loyola Marymount's GALE Convention Welcome and Keynote Speech

"Education without Empowerment is Enrichment of Ego" - Dr. Gimel

This past weekend, I was invited to speak at the GALE Convention at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The purpose of the GALE convention is to allow alumni and graduate students in the School of Education at LMU to collaborate, build interpersonal relationships and share insight on experiences and ideas. It allows the opportunity for graduate students to present their knowledge, network with alumni and other professionals, and be involved outside of a class setting. Additionally, it promotes diversity in leadership to help future educators respond to our culturally diverse schools.

Education without Empowerment is Enrichment of Ego

Today we honor these 10 women of African descent who are empowering others through education. These bold women have turned failing schools into high achieving academies. They have set new precendents at prestigious universities all across America. During this women's history month, I am following these trialblazers to empower students at Loyal Marymount University tomorrow to talk about Education without Empowerment is Enrichment of Ego. Below is a little snippet.

Education without empowerment is enrichment of your ego. We have come here today to learn how to separate out our ego when we educate. To understand the importance of empowering our brothers and our sisters, those who look like us and those who do not. To ascertain how to educate using tools that do not discriminate, marginalize, and segregate. We have come here today to recognize that even though it is 2017, there is still much work to be done in our system; and that when we educate we must empower because if we are not empowering we are falling short of the call that has been put upon us. If we do not empower, we are contributing to the systematic oppression that has been lying in our system for hundreds of years. We have come here today to realize that without empowerment education does not exist, and progression of people will be dismissed. To know that it is not our ego that we are feeding to say that we have taught at the most prestigious schools or taught hundreds of youth, rather we must comprehend we are called to empower. For education without empowerment is enrichment of your ego. To distinguish between empowerment of self and empowerment of others, that we do not get our credentials to power our egos, but for the generations before us. As change agents, educators, professors, mentors, and directors, we are charged with not only fulfilling our duties in our careers, but most importantly the call that has been put upon our lives. For education without empowerment is enrichment of your ego.
— Dr. Gimel

Comparing Yourself To Others Decreases Your Self-Concept

During the month of February, many people think of relationships and love. However, few people think about the relationship with themselves known as an intrapersonal relationship. I encourage you all to become more introspective and take a look at how you treat yourselves this month. For example, at the beginning of every year, most people set weight loss or fitness goals. The downside is that most of these goals are based on other people's goals or how other people look. The bright side, considering all factors are equal, you know that your goal is achievable. 

However, today, I would like to focus on the cons. Basing your goals on other people's is a form of comparison. Comparing yourself to others typically sets you up for failure. Not failure in the sense of achieving your goal, but failure in building your wholeness of self. If you are a person that has been called derogatory, negative, or simply mean names, then it has impacted your identity. The key is, what do you do with that information. Do you reject it and reaffirm yourself or do you internalize it? When you reject it and reaffirm yourself, in turn, you build your self-concept. On the contrary, when you internalize it, you start to believe in the labels that have been put on you, and you too start to put labels on yourself. Internalizing and believing in these negative labels can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, and then those labels become your very own self-made prison.

If you find that you are continuously comparing yourself to others, I encourage you to do the following:

1) Stop comparing yourself to others: It is okay in life to have markers but when you internalize the markers they become comparisons, which is unhealthy
2) Set a goal based on your preference: Take time to get to know your body type, identify a healthy weight for your height, understand where the fat on your body is typically stored and the locations that usually tone first

Therefore, setting your own goals based on your own desires develops your positive self-esteem (how you feel about yourself) and self-efficacy (the agency to accomplish the goal set forth), leading to a healthier self-concept (an overall view of self). A healthier self-concept will provide a more accurate depiction of your capabilities. During the year of completion, I encourage you to strive to a healthier self-concept.

Recognizing the Difference: Complicated versus Chaotic

As you continue your journey of seeking wholeness in 2017, I encourage you to identify the differences in your life between complicated aspects and pure chaos. According to dictionary.com, complicated is defined as, "consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements; intricate." Whereas, chaos is defined as, "complete disorder and confusion." Simply stated, complicated means the situation is complex due to the various factors involved, and chaos underlines a situation of havoc and turmoil. 

In life, you will face complicated situations because they assist with growth, insight, and problem-solving skills. Complicated situations are actually healthy. On the contrary, chaotic situations are unhealthy. Chaos induces confusion, self-doubt, disorganization, and sometimes a deep depression. Today, as you reflect on your situations and relationships in your life, I encourage you to write down whether they are complicated or chaotic. Whether it's a friend of over 10 years, a spouse, a partner, a parent, a co-worker, or even a child; I challenge you to be honest with yourself about the dynamics of the situation. As you continue to take steps toward a healthy mind, a healthy spirit, and a healthy body, I pray that you will be fortified in the clarity you receive to make the hard yet right decisions.

January's Temple Talk: The Year of Completion

Join us Friday, January 20 at 7:00p.m. PST for our monthly Temple Talk, The Year of Completion: Going Higher in 2017. One Temple Fitness is all about assisting you to becoming your healthiest and being the best you that God has destined you to be!

January Free Monthly Group Workout Video

If you missed the first workout of 2017, check out the full workout video. Be sure not to miss out on our free monthly Temple Talk on January 20 at 7:00p.m. We opened the group workout with a meditation on The Year of Completion, which will be our Temple Talk topic this month! You can login at  https://zoom.us/j/680646110