Consultant, Trainer & Orator

Conference Coordinator, Guest Lecturer and Speaker for Colleges, Community Organizations, Corporations, Fraternities, Graduate Courses, High Schools, Middles Schools, Sororities, and Special Interest Groups. Below is a list of some topics:

Anti-Bullying (Social Networking & Cyber Bullying)

Career & College Preparation

Community & School Violence

Health & Fitness 101

Healthy Relationships

 Judgment & Decision Making  

Loving Me Emotionally: The Power of Positive Self-Esteem 

Mental Health & Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sex Awareness (Infections/Diseases & Pregnancy Prevention) 

S.T.E.M. Out to New Opportunities

Social Trauma, Intersectionality & Trauma Across the Lifespan

Spiritual Empowerment & Education

Trauma Informed Care

And Many More!!!

I thought today was a great learning experience for me. I absolutely loved the speakers, they inspired me to treat my body “like the biggest diamond!”
— Youth at Girls' Conference, West Park Youth Center, Feb. 2011
I liked how Ms. Rogers was really honest while she educated me on honoring my body and taking care of myself as a female.
— Youth at Girls' Conference, American Film Institute, May 2011
I learned that cyber bullying can be even worst than bullying and Ms. Rogers made me think about my actions and my moral compass.
— Youth at The Los Angeles North Area Meeting for the Young Peoples Division of the A.M.E. Church, June 2013