Purpose of F.I.R.E.

In this life, people face many crises and unfortunately do not live in a community with adequate support or prevalent examples of perseverance. Through F.I.R.E., individuals will be awakened to their purpose via encouragement, motivation, transformation and empowerment, which will enable each person to push through their setbacks and roadblocks and avoid being deflated and discouraged. Ultimately, each person will take away an understanding that they too are adept, capable, insightful life-changers, and mountain-movers.

Fearless Individuals Resistant to Entrapment was birth from observing how adolescences and young adulthood can be a very difficult time of transition and metamorphosis, and sometimes during this period in life, a person can become stuck or entrapped. F.I.R.E. wants to provide each person through her speaking engagements, workouts, and this site to learn how to push through glass ceilings and not be entrapped. Whether the entrapment is low self-esteem, peer pressure, mental or physical sickness, lack of family and friends support, educational disparities, financial hardships, stress management while juggling multiple obligations, or figuring out if college or graduate school is the best next step. 

Purpose of One Temple Fitness

The mission of One Temple Fitness is to stimulate the mind, strengthen the body, and stretch the spirit by addressing mental health, providing affirmations, engaging in workouts, and meditating on the holy word. One Temple Fitness focuses on breaking barriers that hinder individuals from living a healthy lifestyle by engaging them in interactive discussions and motivating workouts. These stimulated discussions will be based on accountability, responsible decision making, addressing adversity, goal setting, and mental health, just to list a few.