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Dating and Christian #Summer18 - One Temple Fitness Co-Founders

May's Temple Talk focuses on the dynamics of dating and being Christian as we approach summer 18'. 

Does being Christian make dating complicated? What are the struggles that single Christians are facing at the time of online dating and texting? In this month's Temple Talk, co-founders of One Temple Fitness, Reverend Dr. Gimel Rogers, and Erin Haywood have an open dialogue about their own struggles of dating while Christian in Los Angeles. They discuss how Christianity is a hot topic and some people believe falsehoods that all Christians are prudes, bigoted, or boring. I do not know about you, but while dating in LA I have definitely gotten the label "nun" "church girl" or "goody two shoes." Or my favorite, I believe in God, but I don't go to church. The struggle of being celibate is hard enough, but to find like-minded partners that are supportive can seem like we are searching for a needle in the haystack. Who knows, maybe God has placed my soon to be husband at the hottest day party, but I doubt it...  

On top of all that, summer is right around the corner, and as everyone prepares for day parties, beach parlays, and hot nights how do Christians who desire to be married make sure they don't fall into the typical traps of casual dating. In this Temple Talk, we explore questions like

  • What are the benefits and challenges of dating as a Christian?

  • What are some tips to stay true to the Christian values during the summer season?

  • What advice do you wish you had during your younger years?

Make sure to click the link below to listen and share your comments on your experience being single. 

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